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Jojoba Hills Art Center

The creation of an Art Center at Jojoba Hills is yet another wonderful example of what member volunteers are capable of doing. It was a vision of a few members who led the effort to make their dream come true.  They roused the interest among the other memebers here at Jojoba Hills.  They painted the picture and exclaimed the wonderful benefits of having a center dedicated to art.  They worked to get the funding and all the required approvals and permits. They gathered their army of volunteers and they built it.

It is now an integral part of Jojobian life.  Members, as well as visitors to the resort, have found new passions to express their creativity. Not only have the members embrassed the sharing of their personal skills and backgrounds by teaching other members and visitors, the resort has also contracted with numerous outside resources to come and teach classess. Basically, any member may express interest in having a class and the art committee is eager to accommodate them.

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