Annual Yard Sale

Jojoba Hills 250 Member Yard Sale

Throughout the year, members of Jojoba Hills donate clothes, shoes, jewelry, appliances, tools, household goods, exercise and sports equipment and “you name it” all year in anticipation of our annual yard sale. Hundreds of bargain hunters descend on our Resort to look for treasures and necessities during the three day event. The gates open on Friday to let in close to a hundred waiting customers. On Sunday, the already super cheap prices are reduced in half. Three hours before the end of the sale, diehard bargain hunters are given a large plastic garbage bag that they can fill for one dollar. What fun! The sale is sponsored by our Hilltoppers Committee and the proceeds help support many of our social activities. It is loads of fun and nearly everyone at Jojoba Hills pitches in to help. Seeing all the activity during the set up is reminiscent of a bee hive, total mayhem. Everything remaining at the end of the sale, is donated to a local charity.

Photographers Bud Lewin and Phil Gardner

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