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Members of our resort have recently discovered hidden passions while expressing themselves artistically in our Art Center. Classes are being held in drawing, watercolor, perspective, and oil painting. In addition to our talented member instructors, the Center has sought out numerous local art instructors for our members and visitors.  Since the opening of the Art Center, members have participated in several 'Sketch Crawls' in the Temecula and San Diego areas.  There was even a New Orleans Sketch Crawl.

 Art Center Photo Gallery

Completion of our Pottery Studio is very close. For the grand opening this Fall, the resort has already acquired three pottery wheels along with two electric kilns.



Now it's time to get your hands dirty!

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Every person has their own unique perspective.  Talent is not a word we use to describe our artist.  At Jojoba Hills, we focus on the process and the pure enjoyment of being creative.  Like the lifestyle we have chosen, it is all about our journey,



Eric has become one of our most prolific artists and has dabbled in sketching, watercolor, acrylic, pen and pencil.  He is a fixture at the Art Center when he is in the resort but also exercises his creativity when RVing around the country.

I never had the confidence to place pen to paper until the Art Center offered drawing classes.  But, since that first class I have blossomed,  I have taken multiple classes including some online ones that focus on art journaling.  I love the support and encouragement I get from all the class members and instructors.